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Quality Standards & Certifications

  • An ISO 9001:2008 certified company with a strong engineering backup in plastic processing and graphs a major market share in the organized sector at national level. All our plants are QMS certified, with very stringent level of GMP and other quality standards.

  • Six sigma is being implemented at all levels.

  • Awareness, testing and controls of quality parameters through continuous training.


Drop Test For Pail quality-1


We have installed a state of the art unique automatic Drop tester on which we can drop the containersfilled with water from certain height as required, to ensure the strength of the container.








Height Gauge quality-2


This test is to ensure, production of Pails are meeting with specified specification.








Products Nesting for Easy Movement quality-3


Every container incorporates an integral purpose, secure stacking, It can be rolled, stacked, palltised or neatly containerized with an ISO freight container.








Lid Fitness Test quality-4


Inhouse Lid fitment test is conducted, on Double Padding machine to ensure the proper Lid Fitment.








Pail Compression Test quality-5


This test gives information for the process of packaging: The packaging has a certain load applied when it is closed (when the lid is put on), and it must withstand this closing process without problem, which gives determination of inherent rigidity.












Vibration Tester quality-6

The vibration test involves placing the samples on a vibrating platform. The test must be performed for one hour at a frequency that causes the package to be raised from the vibrating platform to such a degree that a piece of material of approximately 1.6 mm (0.063 inch) thickness can be passed between the bottom of any package and the platform. This test ensure the container is totally leak proof, during transit process.









Lid Seal Opening quality-7

All our tamper evident lids are manufactured in high impact polypropylene. As with much of our range, these buckets and lids are made to be substantial and leak proof. However, as well as this, our tamper evident range has the added security of the user having to break the seal to access the product.










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